My name is max! i am a 15y/o loser boy from east coast america. I have a huge interest in old computers (90s-2000s) and how the interet was in those times. those interests are what inspired me to make this page :3. this page is not very accurate to how geocities websites look like i originaly wanted it too... i got a bit carried away having fun with the design. maxxywaxxy on discord

Here is an image gallery of pictures that are "so real/me" or that i just find funny.

Some personality/misc quizzes (´▽`)

I'm a White's Tree Frog!

What kind of Frog are you?

I am a Ralts!
Your Eevee will evolve into...
Your Result: Umbreon
Name: Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon Type: Dark Colors: black, yellow, red Info: The yellow rings on Umbreon's body glow brightly when springing into battle and flickers on and off during the day. It is strongest in bright moonlight. They often go to high places and stare at the moon.
Which Minecraft Mob Are You?
Which Minecraft Mob Are You?
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I'm green apple bubble tea!
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The zebra's stripes are known to protect it from blood-sucking insects

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Your immortal lover would be...


The sea is vast and deep, both enticing and unwelcoming. You tend to be attracted to people who seem larger than life itself, great people who are vast and mysterious, like the sea.

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